I'm selling my Harvard diploma // Beware the prestige industrial complex // The future is glorious, and the good times shall roll
I live in a Brooklyn loft with four excellent friends, and have a wealth of space and solitude
I’m just a guy who wants to know how my government works, so I’m finding out.
Whether you've been here one day or one decade, becoming a New Yorker never ends. But I can give you a start.
Happy New Year, friends. 2022 will be uncomfortable, but the optimal amount of discomfort is not zero.
You’re in charge of your judgments, which you have to make to live on Earth, so get good at making them. Don't shun them out of a misplaced sense of…
An 88-keyed lesson in seeing composite realities and avoiding the monolith fallacy
An important work on the experience of gay men // the book is often misunderstood // I recommend it, but with a note of warning
A civic organization and philosophy for a bigger, better New York City.
As with the pursuit of great ideas, sex, or giving yourself a haircut, senses of adventure, curiosity, and humor are in order here.
Measuring its impact culturally, institutionally, and individually
The difficulty of assessing the state of the gay revolution, and the six information distortions that cause it